30 Days In April

Just as Christmas is followed by the skiing season, at least for some, and Easter is the gateway to the promised land of Bank Holiday and vacations, so Eroticon   is still fresh in the memory as a number of us blogging types embark on 30 Days of Orgasm Fun. The aim of this is to have quite a bit of solo sex in April and enjoy regular orgasms. This may not amount to an orgasm a day (I am still to have my first  as I write this on 3rd April although I am really in the mood today!)  and it is important not to see this  as kind of competition. Some days we will not be in the mood. Some days we will try and not succeed (and those who, like me, have mental health issues may find that their medication can have an effect) and, above all, we need to practice self care and not set our own personal bar too high.  Let’s enjoy it. Let’s make it fun.

The moral of all this is that masturbation is good for us in so many ways. A practice that, for much of history has been taboo, condemned as a sin, medicalised as a pathology, scorned as a last refuge of the desperate, of this unable to find partners for the real thing, a source of terms of abuse, should be set where it belongs, as part of a rounded and fulfilling sex life. For it is about loving ourselves, accepting our bodies as they are,  in all their diversity and imperfection, and learning how they work. And we are all different in this respect. The sex toy that works for you may not work for me. Some clits are more sensitive than others, the style that works for one penis owner may be really uncomfortable for another. By knowing ourselves we are better able to engage sexually with partners. If we don’t know what buttons to press how can we tell them?

Above all there is the lovely rush of endorphins, the glowy feeling afterwards, and these are things that can only have a positive impact on our wellbeing and our mental health.  So from today I will make time. I will have quickies before work, a quick visit to the ladies during work, I will use porn to stimulate my imagination on occasions, on others I will have a fantasy form in my head that just tells me, now is the moment Eve, just go and do it. At least once this month I will have a solo dinner, a glass of prosecco, a scented bath,  and lie on my bed on fresh sheets, and have an hour of the ultimate me time. Because I am worth it. And so, dear reader , are you.


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