Friday 15th March Holiday Inn Camden

On the first night it seemed easiest to eat in the bar at the hotel. So I took advantage of the St. Patrick’s Special, Irish stew with a pint of Guinness and a Jameson. I sat and ate with a lovely feeling of anticipation. Soon people began to arrive for the Meet and Greet. New faces, old faces and a couple of faces hadn’t see since Bristol days. It was particularly nice to see Kay Jaybee again and to meet the youngest attendee, the supercute Martha 3 month old daughter of Exhibit A and Livvy. I was starting to feel all broody but fortunately the Temptation Holidays goody bag included a little teddy bear.

Saturday 16th March Rosso Pomodoro Camden

On Saturday I dined alone. I needed to. I had missed out the final session of the day and gone back to my room to watch the rugby but also just to have some time on my own. I like to think of myself as a culinary woman of the world, ready to try anything but I can be crushingly conservative at times. I ordered the same as last year. Pizza Napoletana followed by rum baba.  All very enjoyable though. After a few hours on my own I was refuelled emotionally for the Saturday night social. It was good finally to have a proper conversation with Posy Churchgate and with Ros Ballinger, to curse the DUP with Clare aka Kowptain Moovel,  to talk about the horrors of putting mixers in malt whisky with Ian and Drew.

All this after a first day whose highlights were Elanor Janega on mediaeval sex, women are irrational and their sex drive like damp firewood apparently. Interestingly it was believed that a woman could not conceive if she didn’t orgasm, it was also believed that sex work was sinful but also socially necessary so that exiting sex workers had a route back into society, not something they can always count on today.  The session on consent was also very good even if it did involve reading 4 pages of 50 Shades. I mean, they had told me the writing was bad but this…… at least now I now that orange juice is refreshing! Coffee and Kink made an impressive presenting debut giving us the low down on sex toy reviewing and Jerusalem Mortimer showed us a 21,000 year old rope bondage secene.

A stimulating day and I was looking forward to tomorrow. But I needed a short time out.

Sunday 17th March Poppies Fish and Chips Camden

Sunday dinner was an unexpected delight. I hadn’t really made any plans but we all drifted back to the bar at the Holiday Inn and I found myself chatting to Bianca of Helen’s Toy Box who was very keen to have fish and chips before returning to Australia. Not knowing anywhere we asked and learned about Poppies, a vintage themed fish and chip restaurant just a few hundred yards from the hotel. Going out with Bianca was a humbling experience in a good way. I had never actually been the eyes for a sightless person before and never had to think about striking the balance between giving her the assistance she needed and not doing too much, or infantilising her.  I saw too the way that street furniture and signs outside bars and restaurants turn the pavement into an obstacle course for people with any kind of disability. The casual rudeness of people standing around blocking the pavement who had to be asked to move so that we could get by was disappointing too.  We both ordered haddock and chips with mushy peas, a bit pricy even for London {and the large haddock wasn’t that large!) but it was enjoyable. And I loved the ambience. My records kitty was just the outfit for the occasion, even if I spilt mushy peas down it!

I reflected on the day. I began with Candy Snatch’s account of the appalling online bullying she experienced, a reminder that the things we all do and love carry stigma and that those who choose to, or need to, blog and write pseudonymously, live with the constant fear of outing. And so on to Come Casual who gave an entertaining run through their YouTube channel and the awesome content they produce. After lunch, I did something I never thought I would do and voluntarily missed a session with Myles Jackman to go to hear Eleanor Janega again. I didn’t regret it.  She is a speaker of incredible charisma and presence and I love her deep voice (and told her as much). She has helped rid me of a major complex. And she has a great knack of tying her discussion of mediaeval views of sexuality back to the present. For example, today’s talk about the objectification of sex began with a discussion of the Incel movement.

Finally, I went to Girl on the Net’s talk about building traffic. This made me wish I had more time to blog and while it is good to post regularly, time and metal health don’t always permit it. I am also conscious of the need not to post for the sake of posting. This is my blog and I can write what I like and some things will inevitably be better than others.  It is a place where I can experiment.   The main lesson for me was that I need to get more tech savvy.  Much of the talk was simply over my head but not I noticed the heads of others in the room. I still have no idea what SEO is, or Jetpack (mentioned in connection with WordPress) or a host of other things. I know that I need to find out.

After fish and chips we returned to the Holiday Inn where many people were still delaying as much as they could, the moment of final departure. I didn’t need to worry. I was staying in London another day.

What I have taken from Eroticon 2019? Two things really. Firstly, body positivity (of which more to come). It was really affirming to take part in the Boobday photoshoot and I discussed with Exposing 40 the possibility of doing a shoot with her later this year.    Secondly, the more mundane stuff of getting up to speed on the technical side of blogging.

Goodbyes were said, and I will catch up with a few people in Belfast, London, Manchester  and places before Eroticon happens again. There will be Smutathon, there will be Kinkfest  and there will be a pub lunch with Eye although not at the pub we had always talked about going to, which we agreed is a massive let down.

Monday 18th March The Great Nepalese Euston

All my best trips to London finish here. Not strictly the Eroticon weekend any more but I was so glad I stayed over on the Sunday night and had a day in London. What I got up to will be the subject of a future post. Suffice it left me with a deep feeling of peace and well-being. I sat in the restaurant with a large Malbec as I waited for my vegetable curry and felt utterly at peace with myself, felt a calmness and serenity I hadn’t known in years. I also made an important decision over the weekend and this will also be the subject of a future post. A few Eroticon peeps know what this is because I shared it with them. As I tucked into my vegetable jeera I reflected on how wonderful it is to be part of the Eroticon family, how lovely to know that I am loved by talented sexy people who I hold in the highest regard. I love you too. And to those who were there  but who I didn’t get to speak to or who don’t know me, thank you for being there, because you also made this happen. We all did and I just can’t wait to do it all again.



3 thoughts on “EROTICON 2019 – A TALE IN FOUR DINNERS

  1. I loved your food oriented perspective on the weekend. It was great meeting and getting to know you too, and you paid me some lovely compliments which have certainly boosted my body positivity, so I am glad you experienced something which boosted yours. You did right to spin the weekend out a bit longer – it is so epic to be amongst our family, our kin, that we need time to come down from it gently. Thanks for being there and sharing x

    1. Thank you Posy! Everything I said was meant. You are a beautiful woman, please believe it. That is an inner beauty too. You are a lovely person and I am so glad I can call you a Sister in Smut.

      1. Ohhh – thank you, that means so much to me EveRay! I’ve been in awe of your writing for a while, now I’ve met you and we hit it off so well my admiration has gone to another level.
        Yes proud Sister in Smut with you! If I think I’m coming up to London I shall see if it’s possible for us to meet for a natter over G&T x

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