SoS Saturday

It’s been a while since I posted anything for this but with Eroticon just 13 sleeps away  I want to highlight some interesting posts by Eroticon friends.

First off is this by Exhibit A who is undertaking an orgasm denial challenge. This is a little bit different from the BDSM orgasm denial which I enjoy as a domme so much (particularly when combine with forced masturbation) but I am looking forward to the denouement at Eroticon. I love watching men wank.

The Other Livvy is having a fab time teasing and has also found time to post some fab pics in the Feb Photo Fest of which my favourite is this. I need to get back to wax play soon I think!

As a lady of mature years myself, I find the total amazingness and sexiness of Eye an inspiration. And here I one of many pics I have loved recently.

I know that many members of our community have battled with mental health difficulties (as I have) and found this by Tabitha Rayne a thought provoking read.

And finally I love a bit of lingerie which is why I will be paying a visit to  What Kate Did at some point during the Eroticon weekend. But I would never have thought of teaming pink panties with white cowboy boots as Posy Churchgate does here.

If you have enjoyed these posts please share them. And I will be back next week with more suggestions of things you might enjoy.










2 thoughts on “SoS Saturday

  1. Thanks so much – the boots are actually the palest pink, but I agree they look white in that shot! I’ve checked out the other great posts and am looking forward immensely to sharing a G&T and a gossip with you at Eroticon.

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