Friday 15th March Holiday Inn Camden On the first night it seemed easiest to eat in the bar at the hotel. So I took advantage of the St. Patrick’s Special, Irish stew with a pint of Guinness and a Jameson. I sat and ate with a lovely feeling of anticipation. Soon people began to arrive for the Meet and Greet. New faces, old faces and … Continue reading EROTICON 2019 – A TALE IN FOUR DINNERS

Sharing Our Shit Saturday 9th March

This week I have been reading thigs that were hot and things that were thought provoking. I will start with the latter. Here are a few reflections by Coffee and Kink on friendship and some of the difficulties that those of us who are into BDSM, or blog about sex or whatever, can have in connecting with people when our lives are necessarily compartmentalised  and … Continue reading Sharing Our Shit Saturday 9th March

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This is my entry for the Euphoff competition for deliberately bad erotica. I hope you find it as dreadful as I do. For more awfulness have a look here If your love sausage performed, if your manmeat assuaged her voracious sexual appetite, Tiffany would invite you to stay the night and cook her breakfast, a feast of bacon and eggs and black puddings that broke … Continue reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s