An Object of Desire

A little contribution to Kink Of The Week on Molly’s Daily Kiss

I go most places in flats these days. I have reached the time of life when, conventional wisdom has it, comfort takes precedence over style. And yet……

When I saw the stiletto heeled ankle boots in the sale I had to have them. They will go nicely with my leather dress I said although I knew that my chunky heeled knee boots were always a better option. But I guess I’m not the only girl  who buys shoes that she knows, deep down, she will never wear. For shoes are not practical items, they are objects of desire,

I open my laptop and begin to write. Words won’t come. Coffee and cigarettes don’t help this time so I take the department store carrier bag out of my wardrobe and lift out the unworn ankle boots. I place them on the table, I light another cigarette, I lift my skirt and slide my left hand inside and start to enjoy a daydream,.

I put on the leather dress, and tug on the boots. A quick spray of Alexander McQueen and I leave the house. I walk briskly, confidently, made tall by the heel, my chest pushed out. I feel magnificent. I demand to be adored.

And I will be adored. I will find a man in these teeming streets who will beg to worship, beg to be trampled, to feel the cruel heel pushed hard into his nipples and twisted, a man who will worship sincerely, a man who will earn his reward,  when I offer myself to him, when I wrap the booted ankles round his neck as he pushes into me and we come together and the orgasm pulses through me in a kaleidoscope of colours until I can no longer see his face, just the boots, gleaming and magnificent, as I pull down my skirt and begin to write.

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