Suffer the Little Children

If you knew Ireland say 40 years ago you will have an idea of what much of Poland is like today; the stifling dominance of the Catholic Church, an arrogant and out of touch hierarchy that lectures elected politicians in what the people want, village priests who no-one dares to disagree with, a disempowered laity.that is expected to sit quietly in the pew and cough … Continue reading Suffer the Little Children

Going for a Curry

Never let it be said that the BDSM scene is not tolerant and broad-minded. It attracts such interesting people.  Mistress Helga appreciated her life in a multi-cultural society and was pleased to have chambers on the edge of Manchester’s most famous Asian area. She was fascinated too by the variety of men, occasionally women, who came to serve her. She particularly enjoyed the transformation she … Continue reading Going for a Curry