Seven Months-a-Blogging

There will be about a month’s silence on this blog starting next Tuesday. I’ll be an infrequent visitor to Twitter and Facebook too. Don’t worry I’m not disappearing, just going to tour Poland and the Baltic countries for four weeks.  I’l be thinking of my lovely online friends (occasionally!) and will be back. When I come back I’ll have a post about a trafficking moral panic from a hundred years ago that I hope you will enjoy. I’m taking my laptop, a couple of books of erotica,some poetry and maybe something morally uplifting :-).

I thought this would be an opportunity to reflect on seven months of blogging. When I started I had little idea of what I was going to blog about except that I was going to post a few stories.  I have done that but I have also posted poems and even one recipe. To the people (I know there’s at least one) who have followed me for recipes I will be posting more – I love cooking so don’t go away! I have posted a lot of opinion and factual pieces, rather more than I expected, many of them on sex  work but by no means all.

I now have nearly fifty followers. The blog has had twice as many hits in seven months as my other non-sex blog has had in two years. I do not claim that this is the best sex blog, expect no prizes, but I have enjoyed writing the blog and know that enough people have enjoyed reading it to make the effort worthwhile.  Thank you for following me and see you all soon.

3 thoughts on “Seven Months-a-Blogging

  1. I’m totally jealous! Was meant to go travelling around Poland last year (mom’s side is from there and I’ve never been) but family emergency intervened, and this year I can’t afford it. Hope you take lots of pictures and post them somewhere. Have a great time!

    • Thanks Wendy. I shall certainly post some pictures. What part does your mum’s family come from? We’re going to the Tatra mountains them via Wroclaw and Warsaw to the Masurian lake district before heading up into Lithuania. I’m really looking forward to it!

      • Ha, that’s uncanny – most that we know of are from the Tatra region! Plus I had a great-grandfather from Krakow. I’m doubly jealous now!

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