Seven Months-a-Blogging

There will be about a month’s silence on this blog starting next Tuesday. I’ll be an infrequent visitor to Twitter and Facebook too. Don’t worry I’m not disappearing, just going to tour Poland and the Baltic countries for four weeks.  I’l be thinking of my lovely online friends (occasionally!) and will be back. When I come back I’ll have a post about a trafficking moral … Continue reading Seven Months-a-Blogging

On Irish Independence

Well not quite. The Irish Independent newspaper carried an article yesterday about a campaign by a group called SPACE to have the Merseyside Model adopted in Ireland. You can read it here: You can also read two comments. These were not the only comments made. A number of people attempted to make comments pointing out the dishonesty and hypocrisy of the SPACE position but … Continue reading On Irish Independence

Thank You Rhoda Grant

So Rhoda Grant’s  misbegotten Bill to criminalise the clients of sex workers has died the death it deserved. No more do we need to get angry about her consultation with its loaded questions or her wilful misrepresentation of the responses to that consultation. It’s all history. She failed as she deserved to. With the benefit of hindsight we can see that her Bill was in … Continue reading Thank You Rhoda Grant