A Taste of Honey

I still don’t quite know how it happened. I was the member of my local church who taught new members about God, the Bible and things like that. I wore my hair straight, my blouses had long sleeves and my skirts went below the knee. I was demure and modest. One day I was teaching Matthew, a pleasant young man of my own age when he asked,

‘Tell me about Heaven’

‘Well’, I answered, ‘it’s like a land flowing with milk and honey.’

‘What does it look like?’

Without thinking I stood up, pulled down my skirt and knickers and walked over to him.

‘This is Heaven. This is my cunt, the most beautiful thing in God’s creation. It is the reason I thank Him every day that I am a woman. Look at it, touch it, place your finger here, this is my clit. Learn to touch this the right way and you have the key to my Heaven.’

He touched my clit gingerly as if handling a live grenade. Then I said

‘Taste and see that my cunt is good. ‘

I took his head very gently and pulled it towards my crotch. He sniffed me, surely felt my arousal as he buried his face in my thick pubic hair.

‘Milk and honey. I’ll just go to the kitchen.’

I came back with a container of yoghurt and a pot of honey and took a handful of yoghurt and pushed it into my vagina, enjoying the cool softness. I smeared honey on my pubic hair.

‘Lick it off’ I said gently and his tongue darted out, licking the sweet honey first before he pushed his face deeper in and I felt his tongue darting around the cool sour opening of my cunt.

‘Taste the yoghurt then taste me, that other taste is the most delightful of all. It means I am ready for sex. It means you turn me on.’

He pulled away and I looked at him. His face was covered in yoghurt and honey. He looked very happy. Funny too. I smiled, took the yoghurt pot and polished his now hard erect penis. I applied a dab of honey, took his wonderful cock, into my mouth and worked my way backwards and forwards along the shaft picking up speed……

It tasted of milk and of honey, of milk and honey, milk and honey, milk, honey, milk, honey, milk, honey……I felt his body stiffen, saw him shut his eyes as he pumped big glugs of come into my mouth. He cried out with pleasure.

I dragged him down onto his knees, pulled him towards me and pushed my tongue deep into his mouth, letting the come, the yoghurt and the honey flow into him, a creamy mass of delight.

‘See how lovely you taste?’

‘So that’s Heaven?’ asked Matthew.

‘Not quite’ I said pulling up my skirt. ‘I’m saving that for next week’

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