Turning The Tables

Karen is my best friend. She is not at all kinky but always laughs at the stories I tell her of the adventures I have as a professional dominatrix. This Saturday evening we had had quite a bit to drink but, as the clock began to tick round to eleven o’clock we were in no mood to finish. I went to the bar to get some more drinks.

I was aware of a man next to me looking at me intently. Just as I was beginning g to feel uncomfortable he said

‘Why don’t you come back to my place afterwards love? I’ve got nine inches and I bet you’ve got a big deep fanny.’

‘Nine inches!’ I laughed. ‘That’s they what they all say. I really don’t think you could satisfy me. Few men are up to my standards.’

I laughed and he said

‘Like I say you won’t get a better offer. You look like you could do with a prick up you. And your little friend’

‘How dare you!’ I shouted and picked up the glass of red wine that the barman had just placed in front of me. I threw the wine in his face and walked out of the pub followed by Karen wrestling with our coats and bags.

I had a new client the following Monday. When I opened the door I was astonished to see that it was the creep from the pub. He didn’t recognise me. I showed into the lounge which I used as a dressing area before taking my subs to the dungeon to play.

‘Take your clothes and come and stand before me.’

When he presented himself I took his cock in my hand and said in a mocking voice

‘I thought you said you had nine inches? That’s not even nine centimetres.’

He looked puzzled.

‘We’ve met before. In the pub on Saturday night. Remember?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

He suddenly looked downcast and unsure of himself.

‘The tables are turned, aren’t they you worm?’

He shuffled his feet.

‘Aren’t they?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘If you won’t learn respect for women the easy way you’re going to have to learn the hard way. That is the most pathetic cock I’ve ever seen, and in fifteen years of domming I’ve seen a lot of cocks. It’s not even a cock. It’s a cocklet. What is it?’

‘A cocklet Mistress.’

I patted his head.

‘Good boy, You’re learning. It’s a cocklet, it’s laughably small. I bet you’ve never made a woman come. In fact I can’t imagine any woman wanting that thing inside her. Can you?’

‘No Mistress.’

‘No Mistress, no Mistress’ I mocked him again. ‘But you want Mistress to show you what a good fucking is don’t you?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Bend over the arm of the sofa and spread your legs.’

He complied. I put on a latex glove and fingered his arse.

‘What am I doing?’

‘Don’t know Mistress.’

‘I’m getting your fuck hole ready for my longest fattest dildo. You promised me nine inches but that was all empty talk, the boasting of a pathetic inadequate man. Wasn’t it?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘I’m promising you twelve inches. And you’re going to get twelve inches. Because when a woman promises she delivers. You know why? Because women are superior to men in every way, aren’t they?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘And you dared to presume that I would go to bed with you on a whim? You thought it was alright to treat a woman with such contempt. Because that’s what it was wasn’t it?’

‘Yes Mistress I’m very sorry Mistress.’

‘Sorry is not good enough.’

By now I had strapped the dildo on. I lubricated his fuck hole and slid in. He gasped. I felt him tighten his muscles to resist the penetration.

‘Relax little boy, this is a lesson that you will come to value’

I was soon fully in and began to move slowly in and out, slowly at first then building up the tempo,

He began to moan as he felt the pleasure on the one hand and the discomfort and the sense of helplessness on the other. I fucked him good and hard, I had had enough of men like him and their misogynistic talk of women needing a good fucking. This piece of filth needed some respect fucking in to him and he was getting it.

When I had finished I turned him round slapped him on each cheek and spat in his face.

‘You are filth, you are nothing. You are dismissed from my presence fort ever,’

‘But but I booked…’

‘I don’t care what you booked. It’s all very well coming here acting all submissive but I’ve seen what you’re really like. You despise women. You have no respect for us so you can’t be my sub. I’m not charging you for that fucking. It’s on the house. Now just dress and go.’

No words were exchanged. He left and I watched as he walked down the pathway. He pulled out a handkerchief and as he stood outside I saw that he was crying.

I hope he learnt from that. Maybe he is now a good sub to another Mistress. Maybe he has learnt that that respect and submission are not acts. They have to be in your soul. Submission can take time. But respect is the beginning.

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