Fake Shops and Hope from Enniskillen

Apparently they have put fake shop fronts up in Enniskillen so that those attending the G8 summit won’t have to see the results of the austerity they’ve been inflicting on us. Potemkin’s villages I thought – Grigoriy Potemkin was a minister and lover of Catherine The Great who, when the Tsarina was travelling down the Volga once, arranged for fake villages to be built on … Continue reading Fake Shops and Hope from Enniskillen

Punishing The Weak

This week I was reminded of why I couldn’t vote Labour in 2010. I was fed up with the relentless authoritarianism of Straw, Blunkett, Reid, Smith etc who seemed to regard us not as citizens but as a potential problem to be controlled. We had powers for Councils and others to snoop, we had CCTV on seemingly every street corner, we had ID card legislation, … Continue reading Punishing The Weak

Asserted Not Demonstrated

Once upon a time there was a university lecturer who scribbled AND in the margins of his students’ essays. This stood for ‘Asserted not Demonstrated’ and was a sign of the importance he attached to structure argument supported by facts, in other words to intellectual rigour. Last week Rhoda Grant MSP published the results of the consultation on her proposal to criminalise the purchase of … Continue reading Asserted Not Demonstrated