The Reality of Struggle

The idea for this post came, not for the first time, from a conversation on Twitter. I want to develop what I said then. The question was asked .’what if giving women the vote, allowing them to study at university, allowing them access to the professions etc is simply a tool of the patriarchy, effectively making affordable concessions to bind women deeper into their oppression?’ … Continue reading The Reality of Struggle

Faith in our Bodies

I will begin with an anecdote. A male friend of mine once visited a massage parlour. During the post-coital chat the girl told him about her strict Catholic upbringing. One day her devout aunt in County Clare found out what she did for a living and, to her niece’s astonishment, took it in her stride. “You’ll go straight to Heaven” she said. “It’s a lovely … Continue reading Faith in our Bodies

International Women’s Day

I will be writing a longer post about how women’s fight for equality intersects with other social struggles and my thoughts on the concept of patriarchy but on International Women’s Day I want simply to remember the woman whose idea it was, the German Communist Clara Zetkin (1857-1933). Here she is on an East German postage stamp and also with her comrade Rosa Luxemburg.   These clever, … Continue reading International Women’s Day

A Tale of John and Linda

A lot has been written about transsexuals and whether they are welcome in feminist circles, whether they are ‘proper’ women and so on. I don’t know any stats but have a probably superficial impression that  that most transgender people are biological males wanting to live as women. We seem to hear little about biological women who identify as male. I met Linda some years ago … Continue reading A Tale of John and Linda

Hello Dolly or Life on Mars?

Someone suggested to me recently that people who blog and tweet ion sex related matters have one track minds. Not so, I retorted, you’ll find that they are rounded people with a range of interests. As if to prove my point I had a conversation on Twitter last weekend with Heather of the London Fetish Fair (@heatherydoune if you want to follow her,) about our … Continue reading Hello Dolly or Life on Mars?