When Three’s A Crowd

As you may have read in a recent post I have had three in a bed sex with my partner and another woman and enjoyed it. When we were looking for someone for this we looked on the websites of several independent escorts and spoke to a couple of them. They told us that although they enjoy seeing couples  they always approach such bookings with caution. One said that she would never accept a couple booking from a man without first talking to the woman. This is because three in a bed with two women is a common male fantasy and some men pressurise reluctant partners into doing something they don’t really want to do. It is quite right that sex workers take this approach.

I am inclined to think that the reluctance of some women to engage in threesomes is nothing compared to the reaction of men to a two man one woman threesome.  I once suggested this to my partner. Now I am not sure that I would get turned on at seeing him with another man but it is something about which I am curious. So I broached the issue very gently suggesting that as we had both enjoyed sharing our bed with a woman it seemed like a logical next step.

He was reluctant even to talk about it. I asked him if seeing me with a woman had turned him on? Yes, it was something he had long fantasised about. So, my argument continued, what if I found seeing you with another man  a turn-on erotic, what if I soaked the bed as I watched you? Answer came there none, just embarrassed silence.

I could see the conversation going nowhere so dropped it. Yet this is man who is open to so much, who likes to cross dress, who has visited a dominatrix and who tells me he has fantasised about engaging in forced bi at the command of a dominatrix, dressed up as a slut. It seems, however, that there are some fantasies that some men want to leave as just that, fantasies. Yet they expect the women in their lives  to act out their other fantasies.

So what do I do? Actually it is not something I am desperate to and I can live without it. But I would like to try at least once and I would also like to understand  the double standards that even sexually liberated and open-minded men apply.

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