Why I am not a Twunt but am a ……………

I love the word ‘twunt’. It has a lovely feel in the mouth. It is, however, a term of  abuse coined, as far as I am aware, by Jemima of the itsjustahobby blog. The reason for this is that she loves the word ‘cunt’ and does not see it as a term of abuse. I mention this because it reminded me of a beautiful recent post on The Lady Garden Project, a celebration of the word ‘cunt’.


I like the word too but I have my own favourite, the Polish ‘cipunia’ pronounced ‘cheepoonya’ which is a word of incredible warmth and softness. I am my cipunia. I am my cunt.

That is what I like about this blog, its joyous celebration of the cunt. No two cunts are alike but every cunt is beautiful, every one a source of delight to us and to our lovers, just as no two red roses are identical, but each makes the garden more beautiful.

When I finish this post I will lie on the bed in front of the mirror, speak to my cipunia in words of love and think of those I have the joy of sharing it with. And I will say a word of thanks to Anna for her writing and for putting such lovely thoughts in my head.

2 thoughts on “Why I am not a Twunt but am a ……………

  1. Eve!
    So glad you liked the post and I love your description of your own cipunia worship – seeing the beauty and celebrating the wondrousness of your cunt. I’m reminded of this line: “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.
    with ladygarden love,
    Anna x

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