Sex Work Is Still Work!

I was going to write some more about this. There is a ‘survey’ currently being conducted on behalf of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade to which responses are required by next Monday (4th February). This is a deeply flawed exercise with loaded questions that make clear what the Committee’s agenda is, namely attempting to tackle demand by criminalising clients whilst denying sex workers a voice in the debates about what is supposedly being done for their benefit.

If you want to respond and let them know your views you can find the survey here:

I have written to Committee Chair Gavin Shuker with some questions about the Committee’s terms of reference and if I get answers I will post them here. I don’t need to say any more at the moment as there is a fantastic piece about the issue here:

2 thoughts on “Sex Work Is Still Work!

    • Quite right but they will try. Hearings in Ireland resume tomorrow. @BrookeMagnanti will no doubt be providing a Twitter feed of the proceedings from which sex workers have been excluded. Religious campaigners with links to those that run the Magdalene Laundries where ‘bad’ women carried out forced labour until as recently as 1996 (sic) have not been. There are moments of comedy though. Last week a TD appeared shocked to find out that there are also male sex workers.

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