A Chick With a Dick

It was nearly dawn and I had completed my task, which was to write out one thousand times

‘I must have the utmost respect for Mistress Dagmar. I am sorry for calling her a chick with a dick.’

My arm was aching, my buttocks still sore from the lashes I received in punishment the previous week. I was going back as I must in the earnest hope that I had earned the privilege of being removed from the chastity in which I had spent the last week.  I had been taught a harsh lesson.

I have been submissive for years and visited a number of excellent Mistresses who taught me the joys of discipline and obedience, the superiority of the female sex. I blogged about my experiences and then had the idea. I would try a TS Mistress and so I came to knock on the door of TS Mistress Dagmar.

She was over six feet tall in her heeled boots, and the PVC dress wrapped tightly around a body that only hours in the gym could have produced. She ordered me to strip. I stood before her, head bowed and she grabbed my limp penis.

‘This is pathetic. Look at mine.’

She lifted her dress and I saw her own prick, erect and magnificent.

‘I’m the gorgeous woman you’ll never be. I am more of a man than you can ever dream of being. You are nothing’

She dressed me in a frilly pink frock and ordered me to kneel and worship her boots as she sat on her throne. I began with the soles, sucking lovingly on the four inch heels as ordered before progressing up the boots leaving each one wet and shiny. I was dry and very thirsty but Mistress commanded me to continue up her thighs and to the crotch.

‘You’re not a man. You’re a dirty little slut. And sluts love to suck cock.’

She raised the dress and held her penis, which was stiffening visibly as she anticipated the treat that was coming. I was nervous, I had sucked many strap-ons in my time but this was a real cock. There was no escape. Moving in close as Dagmar clamped her booted thighs around me I took the prick in my mouth and worked the tip with my tongue before moving quickly backwards and forwards along the shaft. I had been to enough massage parlours to know what a good blow job was like. And Dagmar’s cock grew big in my mouth and she came, squirting huge amounts of creamy fluid um into my mouth. I fought off an initial instinct to gag and swallowed greedily.

‘Taste the sweetest nectar. Then take my cock in your mouth again.’

I pulled and sucked again and felt Dagmar harden again. She withdrew and ordered me onto the whipping bench. As I heard her put on latex gloves, felt the cold lubricant around my anus, I knew what was coming next. But I was strapped down and helpless.

‘Fucked by a lady, what a treat for you’

She lay on me. I felt her breasts against my back, felt her soft skin. She was really a woman and yet the huge prick she was going to push up me was all too real. She moved round in front of me, to show it to me, so that I could see the condom being rolled on.

Then it happened. I tightened my muscles as I felt her entering me, trying to retain some control. Dagmar was suddenly soft and soothing as she said,

‘Relax, my little slut, relax. This is the first fucking of many. I’m going to earn good money with you. I’m going to make you a whore’

She laughed at my discomfort. Then she entered me a second time and I felt the whole of her penis going in. She began to move backward and forward and the discomfort soon became unbearable as she quickened the tempo.

‘Stop, please!’ I shouted but she replied briskly

‘You’re just a sissy slut and I’m fulfilling your destiny. This is the only thing that gives your life meaning. Besides it’s good for the prostate. Relax, relax and enjoy.’

I relaxed and thought about the humiliation, strapped down, buggered by a she-male. But Dagmar was right. There were depths of submission I had to explore, a self I had to discover. I became hard even as I relaxed and began to enjoy her slow deliberate movements in and out.

She pushed again and I gasped as I felt her penis go fully in.

‘In kink is self-knowledge. In kink is the only truth.’ said Dagmar.

She withdrew and, leaving me strapped down went to the side where I had left my notebook. She opened it and turned to the page where I had begun my first jottings of my research notes. She turned to me and read aloud.

‘Mistress Dagmar – a Chick with a Dick.’

She came across to me, seized my chin with powerful masculine hands and lifted my head so that I looked her full in her red and angry face.

‘How dare you. How dare you, a slut, write about your Mistress like that? You will suffer.’

She passed behind me and I heard her looking for a flogger. I heard the swish through the air and then the first harsh painful blow. Dagmar was a woman with the physical strength of a man and she flogged harder and more relentlessly than any Mistress. I began to cry. She released me and I knelt on the floor in my frilly pink dress. She held up a mirror and I could see the big tears of shame rolling down my cheeks.

I was attached to the cross and she came over, rubbing herself against me, teasing me as I became hard and dribble began to escape from my penis.

‘Chastity’ she said. ‘You will come back next week for release having written one thousand lines in your best handwriting. And if I am satisfied I may release you.’

I was sent on my way with the device locked on. No football as I couldn’t use the communal showers, no meeting with my girlfriend, no………….just evenings at home writing lines and regretting my impertinence. I was hers, Mistress Dagmar filled my every thought.

I put the lines into an envelope and set off. I was nervous. If she wasn’t satisfied the punishment would be doubled and I would remain in chastity.

I was shown into an upstairs bedroom where another TS waited, in a leather mini, gold lame top and boots. She had a blonde wig and garish make-up. I looked with distaste at her obviously masculine legs, her knobbly knees.

‘Meet Slut Lorraine’ said Mistress. ‘She’s been dying to meet you for some girl on girl action.’

Mistress dressed me in the same pink dress I had worn the week before and said,

‘Both of you, on the bed and kiss.’

Before I could think Lorraine had grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. I embraced my destiny and responded, pulling her close, feeling the chill of the falsies against me, her booted legs wrap round me and the heels dig hard into my buttocks. Mistress sat on her throne, smoking a cigarette with obvious disdain. She laughed at our clumsy efforts as we rolled round and grappled with each other.

Mistress then ordered us to stand.

‘You have earned relief’ she said and removed the chastity device. She handed me a pair of latex gloves, a condom and a tube of lubricant. Slut Lorraine was fastened to the whipping bench, her skirt lifted to expose her pale buttocks.

‘Finger her to loosen her up though a slut like that won’t need much fingering. Then fuck her. Fuck her hard and enjoy. Because you are going away in chastity. You will return again and again to be made the perfect slut. A chick with a dick.’

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