Fifty Shades of Ipswich

I don’t really want to say a lot about this and don’t know the facts of exactly what Steven Lock did to his partner, how much consent was involved and whether the case should have been brought. My concern is that the case does not become an excuse for the authorities to begin a  witch-hunt against people involved in consensual BDSM activities. We have been here before, remember the Spanner case? There are those in the police and the judiciary who regard anything kinky as disgusting and see themselves as authorised to act on behalf of ‘right thinking people’ to punish those involved. I have no doubt too that the proposed anti-sexwork legislation in Scotland will, if passed, end up being used against professional dominatrices and their clients and so draw the BDSM community into its net. There are battles ahead. Let’s unite to fight them.

Steven Lock and his partner were very foolish and have suffered a very public humiliation. even if Lock escaped judicial punishment. I wonder if he realises that with a bit of thought and intelligence they could have experienced something beautiful.

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