Late to the Party – Part One

Redundancy can be a life changing experience. It  was for me. Before losing my job in accountancy two years ago I had never read erotic fiction, let alone write any. It was almost by accident that I discovered the Xcite Books titles in my local Waterstones. I read avidly, then thought; why can’t I do this? It seemed a way of keeping busy while I looked for work and maybe making a little extra money. Researching on the internet I stumbled upon a world I had not previously been aware of: the world of blogs on sex and sexuality. Here I encountered loads of clever and talented women (and some men :-)) who were celebrating their sexuality and their gender in ways that I had not really come across before, I arrived late at the party (Cliterati had been going for over a decade before my first visit!) but I’m so happy to be here and I hope you’re glad to have me. Much of what I have read has opened my eyes to the possibilities in erotic literature, that it can change our perceptions, can help us to think our experiences in new ways. In short it can do all the things that “proper” literature is supposed to do. And I aim, in  my writing, to celebrate sexuality, mainly female sexuality, in ways that open doors for my readers. I may not always succeed but I’ll never stop trying. To all the bloggers I follow, thank you for enriching my life.

I do follow quite a few blogs. If you can’t see it on the page you are reading that is because I can’t work out how to do it! Please tell me if you know. But I will, over the coming months, write a little about the blogs I follow and what I get from them.   I will start with the Lady Garden Project. Check back next week.

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