Eve on Christmas Eve

December 24th is traditionally the feat of Adam and Eve the original humans who were chased from the Garden of Eden after Eve ate the forbidden fruit and became aware of her body. It was at Christmas that Jesus Christ was born, the fruit of the womb of Mary. Christ came as the second Adam to save the world and he did so through the agency of Mary the second Eve. It sounds a lovely story and has a satisfying thread to it. For women there is a problem with it.

The problem is that it is Eve who gets the blame. It is the weakness and perfidy of a woman that cause the Fall and while it is through a woman that redemption came, there is a catch. She renounced her sexuality according to the Church’s official teaching and remained a virgin.

The message is clear: sexuality is a bad thing and women’s sexuality is a very bad thing indeed. This ancient theological narrative has been used to justify misogyny of the worst kind and until very recent times. The Magdalene laundries in Ireland, for example, didn’t finally close until 1996. Girls who asserted their sexuality and their right to sexual enjoyment were punished with a lifetime of forced labour.  In Britain, young women could once be sectioned for ‘promiscuity’.

This is not meant to be a rant. It is instead a celebration of the joy of being a woman. Christmas is about presents and in our vaginas, vulvas, and clits women have a most precious gift. Freud wrote about our penis envy. Presumably he didn’t know that the clit has twice as many nerve endings as the tip of the penis. It’s also the only organ in the human body that has no function other than to give us pleasure. And only girls have them 🙂 Simply the fanny is the most beautiful, wondrous thing on God’s earth, beautiful to behold, to touch, to smell, to lick, and to penetrate. Sorry Freud, you got it wrong. It is men who envy women and no accident that the so-called  “female circumcision” inflicted on thousands of unfortunate women in some parts of the world is basically the mutilation of the clit?

Girls don’t need gifts at Christmas as they were born with the most precious gift of all. And as gifts are made for sharing, share yours with your loved one tomorrow.  :

From an Eve to the Eve. I love you because you didn’t cause us to leave the Garden of Eden, despite what the Bible says. You took Paradise on Earth with you, carried between your legs.

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