A Soup for Christmas (and Other Occasions)

Food too is a temptation and good food a sensual delight that goes hand in hand with the pleasures of the flesh. Try this soup as a starter before the turkey. SOUTH TYROLEAN CHESTNUT SOUP (serves four) Ingredients: Two carrots peeled and finely chopped One leek finely chopped 400g chestnuts (preferably the ones you get vacuum packed) finely chopped Icing sugar (sprinkling) 50 g butter … Continue reading A Soup for Christmas (and Other Occasions)

Sex Work is ……………..Work

For my first post I’m not going to repeat a spot of by now familiar arguments, just say that  I hope that most of you reading this have replied to the consultation on Scotland’s proposed criminalisation of the purchase of sex. This is a bad law, framed by people who have a narrow understanding of the sex industry and probably think it should only be done in … Continue reading Sex Work is ……………..Work